15 February 2016

Waterfront Park

I love school breaks and discovering new, fun, (free) San Diego destinations. I had noticed the relatively new Waterfront Park before when driving downtown, but had never made it here before.
After an early orthodontist appointment this morning, Carter came with the boys and me to check it out. Parking wasn't as hard to find as I expected, and this place seems like a lot of fun.
It's a good mixture of a simple splash park and several good-sized play structures that are big enough to keep our youngest and oldest boys entertained.
I love these kinds of rope playgrounds that remind me of giant spider webs to climb on. And there is a big disc-like swing, and a few merry-go-round and see-saw-type structures, which you don't see as often in new playgrounds, and which always attracts the kids.  
There's also a raised area of the playground with slides built into the sides of it.
And if you get bored, there's always the option of going across the street for a walk along the water to see the boats.
Earlier the boys were playing a game of hide and seek, then they played tag on the playground, and now they're enjoying the water again. 

Anyway, it's fun to discover new places right here at home. 

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