11 February 2016

Guitar Biker

Someone from church gave us an old guitar, and the boys have been really excited to try to learn it. On Monday Kolby took the guitar to school so he could have it for his music class he's taking right now. And since then Isaac & Camden have been debating each day who's turn it is to take the guitar to school next. They couldn't come to a compromise, so it sat at home the last two days. But this morning Camden reluctantly relented to Isaac taking it today, since Camden has a music class he would like to take it for tomorrow. 

But the next question was how they could carry that big old thing without giving up on riding bikes to school. So I rigged up a "guitar backpack" out of a messenger bag combined with an extra clip-on strap from a large duffel bag. Isaac struggled a little when we first set out this morning, but after a few adjustments we got it to work so it didn't slide down as he rides along. The guitar on his back looks about as big as he is, but he did it. Hopefully the extra work of getting it to and from school is worth it to him since he doesn't even have a music class right now. At least he can take it and play it during lunch and recess. 

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