17 September 2015

Getting Settled In

So we do have one more bag of things sitting in our upstairs bathroom that I have been avoiding unpacking, and I just need to get done. And our garage is a mess because installing new garage shelving isn't our highest priority right now. And we still need to hang up our pictures on the walls. And we have a matress for the guest room, but we need to get a bed frame so we can set it up. Oh, and we're slowly making progress on installing ceiling fans throughout the house. 

But other than that, we are all moved in. It feels nice. So here are some pictures I took as we were going through the unpacking process and getting all organized & moved in. It's nice to get settled down in a home where we plan to stay forever!

"The Piano Room" (aka dining room)

The family room, all unpacked. 

And I tied a new ribbon on my old paper wreath that I made a couple years ago. 

Got Kolby's room unpacked, and shelves set up in there for a game closet. 

I ordered furniture site unseen from the internet for the first time ever, each couch arrived in 3 boxes and I put them together, and I think they turned out looking quite nice. 

And I unpacked all the books into the bookshelves in the closet under the stairs. 

A little hook for hand towels in the kitchen -- I've had fun adding a little more color at this new house. :)

I like having a linen closet again. 

And we eventually found someone to repair the leg of orne of our outdoor tables that got broken in the moving truck. Good as new!

And I loved how this turned out: I put our family photo on an easel on the counter near the pantry (it looks cute, and it also serves the purpose of blocking our view of the phone and all the cords that plug in behind the picture). 

And a cute sign I just hung in the downstairs hallway. 

Home, sweet home. 

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