26 August 2015

Our First Fracture

On Monday evening we went to the playground and Michael and the boys were playing tag. Elijah jumped off the top of a slide (about 10 feet up) and landed on his toes on the bottom of the slide.  His foot has been hurting since then. We waited to see if it got better, but he was still feeling pain so I took him to the Children's Hospital ER this morning. 

They told us that the spot where he's feeling the most pain is directly over the growth plate in his foot, so there may be a clean fracture all the way through right at the growth plate. But because of the growth plate they can't tell for sure from the current X-rays if there is a fracture, and it wouldn't show up until after he has started to heal. 

So, they are treating it as a fracture. He will have a splint, but they want us to treat it like a cast -- so he can't remove it at all, can't get it wet or swim, needs to use crutches and not walk on it at all, and not participate in PE or anything. They said the splint will hold it in place so it can heal correctly. 

In a week they want us to take him to an orthopedist, where he will probably get more X-rays, and then we will find out what else needs to be done after that. 

Honestly, I'm just amazed that with 5 VERY active boys it took nearly 12 years before we had a broken bone. (Of course, we have had our fair share of stitches at the Bradshaw house). Elijah is getting used to using the crutches, and wants to go right back to school now that we finished at the hospital. 

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