21 July 2015


We met a group of people from a church in Poway at the monthly homeless outreach group we go to downtown. This church group meets once a month to make waterproof plastic sleeping mats out of strips of material they call "plarn" (plastic yarn) made from recycled grocery sacks. They invited us to come help out, and we tried it out last night. 

The boys loved it!  We were there for 2 hours and they worked the whole time. We cut the strips from the bags, looped them together, wound them into balls, and then they could either be used to crochet the mats, or used in a loom to make the mats. The boys were so into it that we ended up bringing home a loom and a bunch of balls of the plarn so they could make them at home. This should be especially meaningful to them, because they can go in person to give the mats they make to the people we serve at the homeless outreach program. 

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