30 July 2015

Old Town San Diego

Today was our last day of the week that we spent all day down town while Kolby was at his scout camp and Camden was at his Cub Scout fishing activity. Mom went with us, and we had a great time because we took a walking tour of Old Town and we got to go to several of the little museums & historical sites there that I hadn't previously been to because several of them have often been closed when I had gone in the past. On the walking tour we learned about the history of Old Town, but I have to say that the highlight of that your for me was trying a new fruit, White Sapote, off of a tree there that I had never even heard of before. The tour guide told us it is very hard to find the fruit anywhere except locally (and I'm into learning about fruit trees that grow well in this area right now, as we are making plans for our back yard). It's an interesting fruit -- green on the outside and inside there are a few large seeds and there is this off-white fruit that is soft and tastes almost like vanilla pudding. 

We got to go inside the oldest school house in San Diego (I've only looked in through the windows before, it's never been open when I've been there). The man there had the boys each come up in front of the class and take turns reading allowed from the different levels of historical primer books that he had. Then he taught them some fun old fashioned games. 

We also fit in the tour at the Mormon Battalion visitor center, which is always fun for the kids and adults. 

It was a fun full day, and we could have easily spent a few more hours exploring other historic sites down in Old Town. We didn't even have time to think about hiking up the hill to Presidio Park. I guess we'll just have to go down there another day. 

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