28 July 2015

Balboa Park

Kolby had Boy Scout camp in Balboa Park today, so we decided to go and spend the day there too. Started out with spending the morning at the playground and climbing trees. 

Then we explored around the ponds near the botanical garden. 

And explored some cool walkways & trees -- there's so much here to be explored. 

And today was the San Diego County residents' free day at the Aero Space Museum. We had never been there before, so we decided to try it out. It was interesting for the boys (although without paying extra for the special exhibits and movies, I thought it wasn't worth going to again -- so it was nice to have a free day to experience it). 

And after lunch we briefly checked out the other free museum for today: the Automotive Museum. It was fun to walk through (but was geared to adults, not children). And the boys were worn out by then. 

So we followed a little path and made our way back to the car. 

Then we had a couple hours to kill before Kolby's camp would be done. So we went to DI, a thrift store I like, which I only go to about once a year because it's so far from our house. I'm so glad we went -- not only did we find a few nice shirts for the boys and a couple board games, but I found all 9 books in a set called The Work & The Glory that Michael and I had talked about getting Kolby for his birthday (but the set is $75 on Amazon). I found the whole hardback set in great condition for $19. (But don't tell Kolby). :)

Well, now we're off to pick Kolby up from camp, then hit the library on the way home so the boys can turn in some of the cards they've been filling out for the summer reading program. Then I think we'll all just drop by the time we get home. 

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