02 May 2015


The boys had fun at the Penasquitos 5K run for the second year in a row. And we brought Kolby's friend, Nikolaus, from Michael's scout group. And this year was a big improvement over last year (when we had to coax the three youngest boys crying up the final hill at the end of last year's race). The bogs always start out running and Michael and I always walk to pick up stragglers. We caught up with Courtland after a little while and he did pretty well being positive along the rest of the way with us. And we never caught up with any of the other boys until the finish line. Most of the boys said they walked and ran. Lijah ran the whole race, finished at 22 minutes, and came in 19th place (which is pretty good in a race with teenagers and adults too). Then the boys enjoyed the breakfast and playing in the firetruck at the finish line. 

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