09 February 2015


Oakley is settling right in here. He has learned how to use the dog doors, and is eating better today than the first day or two after we got him. And he does really well in the crate. We happen to be dog sitting a chocolate lab this week, and Oakley & the lab have spent lots of time playing together.  And today he tried out a bike ride for the first time, and did well with it (I loop the leash around the post of the seat on my bike, and the dog runs alongside. Oakley did great, and didn't even pull on the leash like Harley sometimes does. Except when we passed a dog park with little dogs, then he pulled to go toward them, but did gone again when we got past the dog park). I got some new collars and leashes today, and am going to attempt to walk all three dogs down to the dog park tonight (Michael and I have taken them on walks before, I just haven't tried them all myself yet). But that should work out ok, and the dog park should be a lot of fun. 

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