16 January 2015


Well, it only took us 12 years of marriage, but we finally saved up and came on a vacation with just the two of us. Michael had a work conference, so I came along too. It worked out perfectly because we were able to rent Michael's grandma's condo on Maui not far from the conference location. The condo is beautiful and is right on the water. 

Yesterday we explored the little tide pools just outside the back door. Michael tried out a little snorkeling and really enjoyed seeing all the fish until he got caught on some coral and scraped up his hand and tore some holes in his swim shirt. But he'll be just fine. Then we found a little restaurant nearby with good local food, which just happened to be right next door to a large amphitheater where they were doing a luau performance, so we got to listen to the cool Hawaiian music all through our dinner. 

We must still be on San Diego time because this morning we both woke up before daylight, so we are breakfast on the balcony while the sun came up. A little while later we saw some whales from the balcony. Then we headed off on the road to Hana. We enjoyed several little waterfalls along the way. 

Our favorites were some where you hiked through a bamboo forest to get to them, and one tall thin waterfall with a very clear turquoise pool where we both jumped in. I liked that one because no one else was at that waterfall most of the time we were there. We also hit the black sand beach for a short time before we arrived at the little Hana airport. 

We decided to splurge on one activity while we were here: motorized hang gliding. You ride with a pilot, and he gives you a mini flying lesson while you go.  We flew out over the mountain and the pilot pointed out different kinds of trees and ancient volcano craters, and we saw a very tall waterfall. And we flew out over the water. My favorite part is when we saw a young humpback whale and circled around it a few times. Cool!  And even though I'm not the kind of person who would enjoy bungee jumping or sky diving, this was different -- it felt very safe and I wasn't nervous about it.  Then we rushed back for the registration for Michael's conference and the dinner. 

I'd say it was a full, fun day. And I'm really looking forward to the rest of our week!  And so grateful to my parents for watching our boys for us (and happy that they said the boys have behaved well for them so far). I'd say this has been a wonderful vacation so far. 

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