27 November 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Each Thanksgiving we read a few short stories that are traditions from Michael's family growing up, including this one:

Then we give the kids each 7 hard popcorn kernels and we go around taking turns each saying 7 things we are thankful for. 

This year I decided to write down what each person said:

Lijah said:  I am thankful for my family, my new school, all my friends, to be able to learn the gospel & be a Mormon, that we live in a nice neighborhood & have a good house, that we're able to have great dogs in our family, and that it's Thanksgiving. 

Camden said: I am thankful for my dogs, eternal life, that we have nearby friends, my brothers, the world, that we can have friends over today, and for the holidays. 

Courtland said: I am thankful for my brothers, my friends, my mom & dad, the Wii, the world & the animals that Jesus created for us, for the turkey we eat, and for my talents like playing the piano. 

Michael said: I am thankful for my beautiful wife, my amazing sons, my savior Jesus Christ and His atonement, the good job that I have, that we get to live in San Diego & that we get to live near family, for my talents like being able to play the piano (& do surgery)  :), and for technology and how simple it makes it to do things. 

Isaac said: I am thankful for my mom & dad, genealogy, the turkey, Nana & Papa, that the Book of Mormon is real, movies, and for trees so we can breathe (and climb them). 

Kolby said: I am thankful for an education, to be able to play the piano, video games, food & water so we can live, all the blessings that we have, our family, and for science. 

And Stephanie said: I am thankful for how good my boys are, that we've been able to make so much progress lately with finding our ancestors, our house that we get to live in as long as we want, our church, that we get to go to the temple, that the boys' school is nearby so we get to ride bikes there together, photos because I like to look back at photos of our family. 

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