20 October 2014

Family Night = Homemade Board Games

The last few months almost every time we have our Monday evening Family Night, the boy who is in charge of the activity has often chosen to make a board game for us to play. Usually they are pretty extensive boards, using several pieces of construction paper taped together to make the board. Tonight it was Lijah's turn to do the activity, and this was the game he made. 

His rules: roll the dice 3 times and add the 3 rolls together, move that many spaces on the board, then do what it says on the space where you landed. It may say something like move forward one space or take the bridge (which could lead forward or backward several spaces). Or if you land on a space with a star, you draw a card. One of the cards said, "You hit your brother, move back 3 spaces."  Another said, "You show love to your family, go ahead 6 spaces."  But I think my favorite so far was, "You don't hurt your brothers when you babysit them, go ahead 10 spaces."  And I just drew a card that said, "You lie and steal at school, go backward 30 spaces."  (Needless to say, I'm not winning this round).  :)  

I wonder how long the homemade board game phase will last?  I think it's pretty cute. 

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