14 October 2014

Courtland is reading and writing

Courtland is so cute as he has been working on learning to read. He does something different than any of his older brothers did when they were learning -- he will sit and read every kindergarten "sight word" that he knows in a book. So if you listen to him, he sounds like: "And the like and it and the the so it and my if we the said is . . ."  I think it's cute (and he doesn't seem to get bored by it -- he's proud of himself that he can do his own reading when it's reading time for his big brothers).  And whenever we do family scripture reading in the mornings he reads all the sight words in the verses and I have him repeat the longer words and try sounding out one or two new words each time he reads. He is doing quite well with it so far. 

And now that he's learning to read, he's also starting to write a bit. (He's been able to write all his letters and his name for a couple years now, but he's starting to write words without asking me to spell out every letter for him as he writes). He brought me this cute little note this morning. 

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