22 August 2014

Simple Pleasures

Simple pleasures in life:

•riding bikes with my kids to school

•playing volleyball, (especially when I hit the ball really hard, and it actually goes where I want it to go) 

•my dogs running to me each time they hear the ice machine on the fridge so they can each catch a piece of ice that I toss them

my boys giving me hugs when I pick them up from school

•chatting with neighborhood friends on a quiet evening at the dog park

•watching as my youngest son starts to be able to really keep up and do the same thins as his big brothers on our outdoor adventures

•being available to volunteer at school for the first time now that our "baby" has started kindergarten

•watching YouTube videos and trying out moves in our favorite new sport, parkour, with my boys

•those days when the kids have finished their chores early and I've kept the house tidy and it's just nice and clean (yes, that does happen every once in a while).   :)

•Saturday morning bike rides with my husband & my parents

•the boys being so excited about the piano we just found on Craigslist that they are actually arguing about who gets to practice piano first 

•outdoor adventures: camping, hiking, exploring new beaches with the family

•my husband and I putting all the kids to be and finishing whatever we have to get done at night and then sitting down to watch a favorite show together

•watching my boys climb higher and jump further off of playground equipment than most kids their ages, remembering when I used to be so proud that I could do those same kinds of things when I was a kid, and just letting them do it because I know they can

•when I plan a good dinner and it actually turns out really great

•being happy to finally be settled down in a home and a neighborhood where we can stay and watch out family grow up

•my sweet husband making little comments about how much he loves me

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