04 June 2014

Peace & Quiet

Yesterday morning Courtland fell asleep in the car after we dropped his brothers off at school, so I carried him in and he had a little rest on the couch while I got a few things done around the house.  I got a phone call later in the morning, and I ended up walking out in the back yard while I was on the phone.  After the phone call, I just sat there and enjoyed the piece and quiet for a few minutes.  It’s been sunny and comfortably warm outside with just a slight breeze to keep it from getting really hot.  I just love the feeling of sitting still and closing my eyes while I soak in the sunshine for a few minutes.  Since I can’t share how nice the sunshine and breeze feels with our friends and family far away, I thought I’d at least share a little clip of how nice the peaceful quiet and the little bird-songs are.  I guess I don’t have many opportunities (when I’m actually all alone, and when I’m not trying to get things done) just to sit and enjoy.

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