06 June 2014

A Quick Trip

On Saturday we got to spend a few hours with our best friends from med school, Faith & Tyce Kearl, and their 5 kids. We were all disappointed when their flight was delayed, so instead of them coming Friday evening and having the opportunity to put the kids to bed and stay up late talking and hang out the next morning until they had to continue on to the next part of their trip with their extended family, we got about 2 or 3 hours with them Saturday morning. But we'll take what we can get. :)   The kids were all instant friends and had lots of fun playing their game of throw-all-the-balls-we-own-back-and-forth-in-&-out-of-the trampoline-net. It was fun to catch up with Faith and Tyce. (And,of course we don't want to push it, but we are hoping that if we continue to have little trips together over the years one of our boys and one of their girls will eventually get married making it official -- family vacations with the in laws would be great!  Camden & Katie have been buddies since they were in diapers, so we can only hope).  :)

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