28 May 2014

"Mommy, Will You Play a Game with Me?"

This is one of Courtland's favorite games, Labarinth. Michael loved this game as a kid, and the last time his mom was here she found it and got it for our boys (thanks, Debbie!)  I have been trying to focus on doing fun activities with Courtland this last year before he starts kindergarten in the fall, and this is the game he chooses most often. The idea of having just one child at home is a little foreign to me -- I haven't had just one at home since before Elijah was born (and Kolby was only 15 months old when we had Lijah, so I've never had one big kid at home without any siblings before this school year). So I'm more used to having more than one kid here, and having them entertain each other a little more. Courtland seems to enjoy his time with Mommy, except when I'm boring (when I have to get things done). He's definitely ready for kindergarten though. He loves his little preschool group two mornings a week, and we've been doing as many fun activities with other kids and their moms lately as possible -- in a little while we're meeting a friend at the park, and tomorrow we're hiking with friends to a little "waterfall" in Los Penasquitos Canyon (I'm missing my morning volleyball games, but I suppose I can sacrifice those for now -- really there are only 2 or 3 more weeks of school before we will have summer break, and then it's off to kindergarten for Courtland. 

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