14 May 2014

Take a Look

I just decided to go and take a look at the damage myself. I drive to Black Mountain Ranch Park up on the hill on Carmel Valley Road (this is on the far side of the canyon from our neighborhood). I took some pictures. 

I could see where the fire started just south of the high school, and there are still lots of fire trucks down in there. Apparently it burned from there down through the bottom of that valley, and then all up along one side of the canyon (the side opposite from our neighborhood), right up to the edge of the park I was at. I could see lots of smoke in the distance from a fire still burning further north and west of us -- I'm guessing this is the fire in Carlsbad that I've been hearing about. I drove over to Camino Del Sur and came up from the south towards our neighborhood. 

I stopped to take a look at a trailhead overlooking Lusardi Creek preserve where we always go mountain biking (just  north of San Dieguito Road and west of Camino Del Sur. It had burned that entire canyon, up both sides, all the way up to the edge of San Dieguito Road, for as far as I could see from where I was standing.

And when I headed back towards home it was evident that the fire had burned all over Camino Del Sur just north of San Dieguito Road (in that area the brush is gone and it's all black on both sides of the road and all the way up the median). 

I stopped once more just north of the bridge on Camino Del Sur (just south of the Del Sur Ranch House), and could see that it had burned along the bottom of the valley and the far side of the canyon that runs between our neighborhood and the Santaluz houses up on the ridge (south of us). 

So, it looks like even though the fire was pretty close to us, it didn't actually burn right up to the back yards of the houses in our neighborhood, like it did in Santaluz and other neighborhoods nearby. I think we are very blessed. I just heard that some houses have burned down in Carlsbad. And there is a fire in Camp Pendleton (I called Michael's sister who lives there and invited her to come down here, and she said it's not close to them for now). And it's still very hot and windy out here. 

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