15 May 2014

Our Lives in the Car

After we evacuated on Tuesday we unpacked the stuff from the car, but just left if all sitting on the counters just in case we needed to pack up again. This morning we decided to put everything back in the car, so we're ready if needed.

So here's our life in the car:

I just pulled out our emergency kits that I made back when Michael was in med school, and threw out some food, including baby food and formula, that was long expired. Also removed the diapers that we don't need anymore. 

There are a number of fires in our county, and all the schools have been cancelled for today. There's the Bernardo Fire, the first one that started near our neighborhood on Tuesday, and that one had burned 1,548 acres as of 10pm last night (from the SDCountyEmergency app). And since then there have been fires in Carlsbad, Camp Pendleton, Fallbrook, Oceanside, Scripps Ranch, San Elijo, Escondido, and the one that they're currently focusing on the most is in San Marcos, which is north of us and west of Michael's office in Escondido where he is working today.   (But the little fire in Escondido, the one in Scripps Ranch, and maybe the one in San Elijo were all under control by last night).  I heard a rumor this morning of a fire near West Bernardo Drive in Rancho Bernardo (not far from here), but haven't heard anything more about that, so I'm hoping it was just a rumor. 

Here's the view of the San Marcos fire from Michael's office right now: 

The total area burned so far, as of last night, was just over 9,000 acres.  So for now we're just watching and waiting. 

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