15 March 2014


I'm so excited -- we found a couch for our family room and it will be delivered in two weeks. It's just what I wanted, but I thought it was going to be out of our price range (but I liked the picture I saw of it online, so we went to look at it anyway). When we got to the furniture store they told us that all their furniture was 60% off (so the total cost of the couch, warranty, delivery etc. was less than the other coch we had seen at a less expensive store that was just ok looking).

Anyway, I'm glad it all worked out. And I'm excited that for the first time in years our entire family should all be able to sit down in the family room at the same time without some having to go on the floor, or everyone squishing on top of each other.  We'll get this house furnished eventually: slowly, but surely. :)
(We ordered one like this, except it will have one additional cushion section on the left side). 

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