21 April 2014


I was looking at the picture that I took yesterday of the boys on Easter morning, and thinking about how they've grown.  Then I started looking back at photos of all the brothers together, and I thought I'd share some of my favorites.


Elijah & Kolby:
Look how little they were!

Camden, Kolby, & Elijah:

Little munchkins.

Elijah, Kolby, Isaac, & Camden:

I love this picture!

Camden, Elijah, Courtland, Kolby, & Isaac:
All 5 brothers!

Look at Isaac's sweet baby curls.

So happy.

I love this one!

Sweet memories in our first house in New York state.

Courtland and Camden sure looked alike back then.

One of our favorite New York pastimes: hiking to waterfalls.

In the Sacred Grove.

When we first moved to San Diego.

One of the boys' favorite San Diego pastimes: hiking and building "forts" in the open spaces.

Pajama Boys

This is one of my all-time favorite pictures of all the boys.

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