02 January 2014

The Beach in the Wintertime

On Monday we met Jennie, Annette, and the kids at the beach in Oceanside to play one last time before Dick, Debbie, and Annette had to go back to Boise. I didn't know about going to the beach this time of year -- I thought it would be cold and windy, and it would be miserable if any of the kids got wet. But it was actually a very nice day at the beach. (I wouldn't want to swim this time of year, but the weather was very pleasant if you didn't get wet).

The boys spent most of their time at the beach digging tunnels in the sand. I built a fun sand castle, and a couple of the boys helped me with it. And the kids enjoyed the playground (and they got in the water just a bit too). 

I'd say it was a very nice winter's day at the beach. 

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