04 December 2013

Training Harley

Things are going well with Harley so far. He's a very well behaved dog -- we already trust him to be loose in the house when we are home, which is pretty good because we've only had him for less than two weeks. He and Brax play well together -- the last couple days I've been hanging up Christmas lights and working in the yard, and the dogs have been wrestling and resting out in the yard, and keeping me company while I work.

The one big thing Harley still needs is training to come when he's called.  He has gotten out of the house a couple times when the kids open a door, and it has taken me a while to finally get him back inside when that happens because he thinks it's a game -- he comes running when I call, then keeps on running right past me, just out of my reach (he only does this when he gets out -- in the house he follows me around all day).

So today we worked on his training.  I cut up some hot dogs and gave him a little piece every time I called him and he came. Only problem is apparently he likes hot dogs so much that he just followed me around and wouldn't leave my side (doesn't really work to call him to me if he's already right there). So then Isaac helped me out. Once I knew Harley was so interested in the treats, I had Isaac take his leash and run him way down the street, then I would call him and he came running to me every time. I don't know how many training sessions it will take before he always comes every time without any treats, but I'd say today's session was a success. 

Courtland asked me today if I would take his picture with Harley. How cute!

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