26 August 2013

First Days of School

The boys have all enjoyed starting school this month.  Camden loves 1st grade and he has really taken off with his Spanish reading over the last few months, so that is really fun to see.  And he has been reading Spanish books to Isaac for their homework too.

Isaac loves kindergarten, he got the same teacher Camden had last year, and so far Isaac hasn't seemed to have a hard time transitioning at all to kindergarten, a new school, or a new language.  And we've started carpooling to their school this year, which makes all the difference for me!  In a couple weeks Isaac will switch from half days to full days for the rest of the school year, and once that happens I will only have to drive out to Poway once a day!

Kolby loves 4th grade and walking to school with Lijah each day.  They are both looking forward to when after school chess club will start up again.

And Lijah is having a great year so far in 3rd grade.  He also got the same teacher Kolby had last year, which is great.  Kolby and Lijah don't have recess at the same time this year like they did last year, but even though they don't get to play together for the whole recess their grades do overlap at recess for a few minutes, so they have fun seeing each other for a little while.  And they both have at least one good friend in their classes this year from their classes last year, so that is fun for them.

Courtland started "joy school," a little co-op preschool group of 6 kids taught in rotations by the moms at each of our different houses two mornings a week.  He had tons of fun at the first little meeting we had the other day, and he can't wait until his first "full day" class (3 hours) tomorrow.  He was pretty upset, though, when he realized last week that joy school isn't every day of the week.

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