18 August 2013


I've been searching Craigslist for a couple weeks for a couch with a bed in it for the playroom so it can be a guest room for when family is in town for Mindy's (Michael's little sister) wedding at the end if August, and when Michael's mom is coming to visit in October, and any other time we have friends or family in town.  I've been searching for something affordable, something we didn't have to drive for hours to go pick up, something that wasn't too light of a color (you don't really want to put a white couch in a playroom), something that had a large enough bed in it, and something that had the back cushions sewn (so we wouldn't always be putting them back in place).  So when I found this couch on Craigslist for a good price I decided to get it right away.  And it happened to come with a matching love seat too.  

So on Friday morning Matthew went with me to pick them up.  The couch was heavy, but it fit in the car easily, we gave up trying to get the love seat in the van after trying for a while and Michael and I went back that evening and picked it up. Later that night after the kids were in bed Michael and I tried to get the couch into the play room.  

I hadn't previously considered the fact that the playroom doorway opens into a little hallway with the bathroom door and the closet door, so that's kind of a tight entrance.  And once you go through the playroom door there is a little corner of the wall for the closet that sticks out.  Needless to say, by 1:00am Michael and I were worn out from working and working on getting that couch through the door, and we finally gave up and went to bed, leaving the couch upside down and wedged tightly halfway through the door.  
Fortunately the next day my parents and Matthew came over and helped out and we finally got it in.  It did scrape up the door frame a bit, but I'll be able to touch that up.  The couch works well in there, and Camden and Courtland even got to sleep on the pull-out bed last night.  It's a good thing for family nearby, otherwise we might still have a couch wedged in that doorway.

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