22 July 2013

Christmas in July!

Guess what someone at church was giving away?  I talked to them and we're going to go pick it up next week.  Then we'll hide it in the garage until Christmas. I was originally thinking of getting the boys a basketball hoop for their Christmas gift, but I think they'll enjoy a trampoline just as much (if not more).  Michael and I talked about it, and even though he will have to mow around it, and it will take up about half of our back lawn area (unless we're lucky and it happens to fit on our side yard), we decided it'd be worth it.  I remember having lots of fun with our trampoline growing up.  And the great thing about it is that we live in San Diego so as soon as we get back from visiting Michael's family  at Christmas we can set it up in the yard and let the boys enjoy it, without having to wait for snow to melt.  :)

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