06 June 2013

Test Post

Well, Michael finally got his iPhone that he's been waiting for for so long.  (About a year ago we had agreed that we should probably wait until we got moved into our new house before getting new phones and getting a second dog).  We got the new phones the other day and I have to admit that I am enjoying having a calendar on my phone (yeah- no more carrying around a planner in my purse).  

And although I thought that Siri (the voice recognition) was unnecessary, it happened to come with the phones that we got, and I've actually been using it a lot. It makes it a lot easier to compose emails and things than having to type everything out by hand. (Not that I'm complaining about the typing, because the keyboard on this new phone is so much easier than my old phone that I had to punch every number three times to get to each letter when typing a text).  The other nice thing about these phones is that the reception is great, on our old Virgin Mobile phones it was so bad that you often couldn't understand what people were saying which was a pain.

So I thought I'd try out the Google blog app on the phone and see how it works.  The reviews for the app said that it works pretty well for writing basic posts and adding photos. So this is my test post and I used Siri to "write" it.  

 And here are some random photos from my phone from the last couple of days:

(If this little blog app works well, then that would make it a lot more convenient to post things to the blog here and there.  Of course I still have quite a few posts to catch up on with photos and videos that I still need to upload from our digital camera, but once I get all caught up on those I can probably use the phone to add quick blog posts lots of the time.  Maybe that would help me to be better at keeping up on the blog more regularly too).

Who knows, maybe I could even get Michael to use his phone to add to the blog too.   :)

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Becca said...

What kind of phone did you get? Is it a no contract like the virgin mobile? I am looking into phones and would love more information.