04 April 2013

Good News

Good news!  Camden hasn’t had any more stomach problems at all since I posted our concerns about a possible allergy a few days ago.  We contacted the pediatrician, she asked me to keep a running list of all the foods he ate, when he had stomach pain, when he had skin reactions, and when he used the restroom and then to come in for an appointment on Friday.  But since then his stomach hasn’t hurt at all, and he did have hives the following day, but no more skin problems since then.  So I’m just crossing my fingers that whatever it was, he is over it for good.  I think we dodged the bullet on this one – I really didn’t want to have to add cooking for a child with a food allergy to my ‘to do’ list.  Don’t know what caused the problems he was having last week and earlier this week, but hopefully whatever it was is done with (and luckily apparently whatever it was wasn’t contagious, knock on wood, since the other boys all seem fine).  We’re pretty blessed!

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