06 February 2013

Pretty Exciting

So, we just made an offer on a house.  The house is a foreclosure in 4S Ranch, and we know ours is not the only offer on the house.  The agent at the bank said they will not even look at any offers on the house until tomorrow, and then they will look at any offers and choose one.  So I'm trying not too get my hopes up (all day long I've had a feeling like there's a good chance ours will not be the highest offer).  But it'll be ok either way -- either we'll get the house and that'll be really exciting, or we won't get it and then we'll just know there must be a different one out there for us.

Anyway, the house has 5 bedrooms and 3 baths, an open layout with the kitchen, dining, family room and two good sized rooms as you enter the front door, either of which would make a great piano sitting room, and maybe the other could be a study with some pretty bookshelves or something.  There is a walk-in pantry, which I really wanted.  And we didn't even know the house had a 3 car garage until we went and saw it.  Then the back yard is a little different, with a good sized patio courtyard off one side of the house (right off the kitchen) with plenty of space for a grill and a big table, and then the side yard and back yard are off the other side of the house (not connected to the courtyard outside).  The yard isn't large, but it's fine for the area and there's enough room for a garden with a patio and several areas where we'd like to remove some gravel and plant grass.  The house needs some updating -- replacing carpet/tile flooring, tile on counters and in showers, and refacing the kitchen and bath cabinets -- but from the looks of it nothing is so bad that we couldn't move in and then fix things as we save up for each project over time (plus that means we'd be able to pick all the finishes ourselves).

But the best thing about the house is the location.  It's minutes from my parents' house, and just a couple blocks from the high school and the proposed future site of the middle school (plus it's still quite close to the boys' elementary school in Del Sur, so they wouldn't have to switch schools again).  And it's just one street over from a large park with a field, picnic tables, two playgrounds, and a couple basketball courts.  And it's a shorter walk to the public library from this house than it is from my parents' house (and it's not far from my parents' house to the library).

So the house is a great size, and it's in a really great location -- it's something we could really stay in long term, if it ended up working out.  So, keep your fingers crossed for us (and keep us in your prayers) that we will get this house if it is the one we are supposed to end up in.  We are supposed to have an answer by Monday evening hopefully.

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Kimberly and Matt said...

Fingers crossed for you guys!