03 February 2013


I thought I’d take a few minutes to write about the last couple of weeks at our house.  After all of the boys got over the flu, which seemed to take up the majority of the month of January in our house, I got busy with invitations.  I made birthday party invitations for Lijah and Courtland, and baptism invitations for Lijah. 

We are really looking forward to Lijah’s baptism next weekend, and Michael’s parents coming into town for that.   Here’s Lijah’s baptism invitation:
All of our friends and family members are invited to come 
join us for the baptism!

And here are the birthday party invitations.  I think they turned out pretty cute:

 We have also gone to see a few more houses, but weren’t interested enough to make an offer on either one.  It’s a little frustrating that we’re finally getting to the point where we’ve saved up just about enough for a down payment and closing costs, but there are just so few houses on the market right now (I think everyone’s waiting because they think the house prices are going to increase over the next year so they don’t want to sell their houses right now while the prices are still relatively low if they don’t have to; plus there are always more people selling their houses in the summer than in the winter).  But I guess I can be patient, and we’ll find something when the time is right.  

Well, I was going to write a lot more about the last couple weeks, but Aaron is going to bed on the couch (we’ve got a full house right now with my parents, Aaron, Michael and the boys and I, and Grandma Faun is here for Lijah’s baptism, then Grandma Bev came into town to stay here the next several months while she needs knee surgery and to recover, so Aaron’s temporarily been kicked out of his room), and he needs to have the lights off to go to sleep, so I’m getting kicked out.  But that’s ok, I should probably get some sleep too.  I’ll try to find time to write more later.

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