26 February 2013


Over the President’s Day week off of school, I decided to organize a couple of group hikes for the local family hiking group we are a part of (I’d really like to be more involved with the hiking group, but right now I’m mostly limited to school holidays and sometimes when we have a free Saturday, so this has been the first time I’ve helped out with hosting anything like this, and it was pretty fun).  We hiked to the top of Christopher Hill, where Aaron built the sign for his Eagle Scout project, and we had about 7 or so families, including a couple of friends from church that we invited too.  And then a few days later we did a little mini “hike” to go exploring at the boys’ fort and four families showed up.  It was fun, so I think I’ll have to try to host more hikes in the future – maybe next school year things will be a little lighter with Isaac doing full day kindergarten (although Courtland will be doing preschool a couple days a week and I will be helping out with teaching his preschool class some of the time, so we’ll see if things are more or less busy next year – but at least on the days that Courtland doesn’t have preschool we will have a few hours during the school day to do things).  

Christopher Hill:

The Fort:

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