22 February 2013

Elijah's Baptism

A couple of weeks ago, on February 9th, Elijah was baptized.  He had a really nice baptism, with really great talks about baptism by his primary teacher, Amber Orego, and about the Holy Ghost by our home teacher, Josh Weeks.  Several of our extended family members were able to attend the baptism, including my parents and Michael's parents, Aaron, Jennie & Dalin and their two kids, Mindy and her boyfriend Scotty, my Grandma Faun and my Grandma Bev, and my Uncle John & Aunt Megumi and their daughters.  Elijah was also excited because his good friend from school, Kaylee, was also able to come.  Lijah went a couple weeks earlier with Grandma Faun and got his very own set of nice scriptures with a case, and he's been reading from them since then.  And Nana & Papa took him to pick out a special CTR ring the day before his baptism.  And Elijah looked really handsome on his baptism day in his new church clothes and his nice red tie from Grandma Debbie & Grandpa Dick.  It was a very special day for him, and I'm glad that his family and friends could be there to share it with him.

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