25 February 2013

Courtland's 4th Birthday

On February 5th Courtland turned 4. We had a fun little family celebration on his birthday, with gifts from his brothers, a gift of roller skates from Mommy & Daddy (I was excited to find these little skates at a garage sale last summer – I had the exact same ones when I was little. Too bad they won’t fit Courtland for a lot longer, but he is loving them for right now), and a cake and candles.

Courtland’s birthday party was a few weeks after his birthday this year (because we also had Elijah’s birthday party and baptism the previous two Saturdays before Courtland’s party). He had his friend, Virginia, and her family over, and his Cousin Taelin and his family, and of course all his brothers, so it was a perfect little crowd for a 4 year old party. (Courtland was so excited about his party this year – he kept telling me people who he wanted to invite, including Grayor, his friend from New York). Anyway, Michael came up with a fun game right before the party – he blew up a bunch of little water balloons and we tied them with strings to the kids’ ankles and had them run around in the back yard trying to pop each others’ balloons. Some of the little kids didn’t really catch on to the idea, and just tried to protect their own balloons, but they all got into it by the end. Then we had some cake and ice cream, of course, and gifts, and then built some legos. Courtland specifically told me he wanted chocolate frosting and vanilla cake (meaning yellow cake), and then we had the neapolitan ice cream sandwiches (we figured out a few years ago that ice cream sandwiches are perfect for little kid parties – less mess, less time to dish it up, and most every kid likes them). It was a nice, simple little party. Perfect for our big four year old.

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