20 November 2012

"Now if I could just get a cell phone . . ."

With some of the money that he got from his grandparents for his birthday Kolby had gotten a really fun lego ninja board game and some nice warm slippers.  He was so excited about his slippers, and he was careful with them, only wearing them inside the house, but just a little over a week after he got them the inside of them started to fall out.  We knew they wouldn't last very long if they were already falling apart after a week, so Kolby decided to return them to the store.  After thinking about it a bit, he decided that instead of slippers he would get a wallet.  He found some fun ones at Target with pictures on them of things like Spiderman and Angry Birds, but I told him he might want to keep looking until he found a wallet with a zipper pocket if he wanted to use it to hold change too.  So he checked at a few of the stores we've been at recently (he wasn't too pleased that they don't sell wallets at grocery stores), but we found one this morning that was nice, had a little zipper pocket, and was in his price range.  He's so cute with it in the back pocket of his jeans, just like his daddy.  Anyway, once he got his wallet he said, "Now if only I could get a cell phone . . ."  I laughed and asked him what he would use a cell phone for.  He paused, and said, that it would be for emergencies, like once he's old enough to babysit his brothers, "Because it's a good thing to be prepared."  Ok, I'm not getting my 9 year old a cell phone, but that is a pretty good reason, someday.

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