05 November 2012

Kolby's 9th Birthday

It seems like this part of the year is always busy at our house with three of the boys' birthdays so close together (and then we will get a little break for Thanksgiving and Christmas before Lijah's and Courtland's birthdays fall within a week of each other in the end of January and beginning of February).  Kolby had his 9th birthday on Halloween last week.  Instead of cake on his birthday he had a candle to blow out in a reeses peanut butter cup (because he was already so overloaded on candy, and planning on lots more with trick-or-treating that night, plus he'd have cake at his party a few days later).  Kolby enjoyed his birthday, especially the roller blades we gave him (although he wasn't too surprised to get the roller blades because Camden and Isaac had already gotten some too).  But so far he has been the most excited about roller blading, and he has picked it up the quickest out of any of the boys.  Oh, and for the video of him "blowing out" his candle -- one year one of the younger boys was just little, like maybe 1 or 2 years old, and instead of blowing out the candle on his cake he just reached up and pinched the flame out before we could stop him, and the boys all remember that and think that was so funny that they want to try it each year.

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