18 November 2012

Fun with Cousins

Yesterday Jennie & Dalin went to Knotts Berry Farm, and we kept Taelin and Amika for them for the day.  It was fun, the boys had fun playing with their cousins, and Taelin and Amika were so well behaved for being away from their parents all day.  But I did tell Michael that this kind of confirms it for me -- that it is right that we're done having kids -- not that it was hard watching their kids or anything, just that we are done with the baby stage.  Amika was good and didn't even try to get into the kitchen cupboards or anything (like our boys would have done at her age), but she was busy crawling all around the house, and she kept us on our toes making sure she didn't try to put little pieces of paper or crumbs into her mouth that she found on the floor (it doesn't help that our vacuum isn't working well and we need to fix it, so the floors aren't as tidy as normal at the moment).  And doing feedings every few hours and changing diapers -- Michael and I have both joked that we're already in the grandparent stage: we like to hold babies and play with them, but like to give them back to their parents when they are ready for diaper changes.  :)  Anyway, we had a fun day with the cousins yesterday.  And I had fun taking pictures of them, especially baby Amika with her cute chubby face, light blue eyes, and dark curls.  What a sweetheart!


Jennie Nelson said...

OMG I LOVE THESE PICS! so glad you took pics!:) and so happy that you guys did that for us! seriously you guys rock!

Mel said...

ok, so that one of taelin on his tummy looking as amika is on her head is just priceless! LOVE it! SO wish we could live closer to hang out too! :( Miss ya'll :) love you!