04 November 2012

Carving Pumpkins

We had fun carving pumpkins together like we always do before Halloween.  And this year Kolby and Lijah each carved their own pumpkins for the first time (we used those little jack-o-lantern carving safety knives for the first time, and they actually do work a lot better than just using kitchen knives).  Carving 5 pumpkins always takes a while, and Courtland and Isaac were both asleep by the time we finished.  The jack-o-lanterns turned out nice.  It's too bad that the jack-o-lanterns were all moldy and shriveled up by Halloween -- we carved them exactly 1 week before Halloween, and it was hot that week and the pumpkins went bad. We're more used to New York falls, where the weather is cool enough for pumpkins to last at least a week or two on the front porch in October.  Oh well, now we'll know for next year to wait until the night before Halloween to carve our pumpkins.

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