24 November 2012

At the Beach with Mindy

Michael’s youngest sister, Mindy, was in Southern California visiting her boyfriend, Scott, and his family for Thanksgiving.  So yesterday we drove an hour or so up the coast to a beach called Dana Point to meet Mindy and Scott.  We hung out at the beach – and Michael, Camden, Isaac, Mindy, and Scott actually went out in the water for a little while, even though it was cool and foggy at the beach.  Then we all walked down the beach a bit to an area with some little tide pools in the rocks, and had fun looking at the hermit crabs and muscle shells.  I think it was even Mindy’s first time sticking her finger into a sea anemone.  It was a short, but fun visit.  And it was nice to have plans to get us out of the house on the day after Thanksgiving, because the rest of the day was spent relaxing at the house (which was nice too).  

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Jennie Nelson said...

those are so cute! glad you got to go say hi:)