20 October 2012


So, I swore off dressing up for Halloween when we had kids -- I figured we could dress the kids up in cute costumes and not have to worry about grown up costumes ever again.  But we got invited to a grown up Halloween party, so we broke our 10 year costume-free streak.  I happened to find a cool pirate hat at Target a few weeks ago, so we decided to be pirates.  I thought I'd just go to a party shop and find some stuff to throw together for a couple costumes, but not only are costumes super expensive, there aren't any modest female pirate costumes available.  I did pick up a shirt and a sword for Michael at the party store, but didn't have much luck finding anything for my costume.  So, I went to the fabric store and picked up a couple of yards of striped fabric that was on sale half off, and several yards of black tulle.  Then I helped mom make a skirt out of the tulle (and when I say I helped my mom, I really mean that I contributed the fabric and the thread, then I sat and watched -- and provided moral support -- while she sewed the skirt, without even the help of a pattern).  I did, however, cut out the striped fabric for my sash and bandanna  and cut and sew together a long strip of leftover striped fabric for a sash for Michael, so I guess I helped at least a bit.  Michael borrowed a hook from my mom's old costume box, and my friend lent me a necklace and earring that she had from a gypsy costume she wore on a past Halloween.  I'd say the costumes turned out pretty cute.  (Thanks, Mom!!!)  The Halloween party was tonight, and it was lots of fun.  And the good news: now that we have cute, matching costumes, we never have to come up with new costumes again -- these can just be our official costumes if we ever get invited to another Halloween party for the rest of our lives.  :)

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