29 June 2012

Goodbye, New York

We have had a great three years here in New York, and made some wonderful memories.  We've got some great friends that we will miss.  And our boys have had the best experience with starting their school years -- we love the Fairport schools!  We loved our family hikes, and will always have fond memories of all the waterfalls that we spent our summer Saturdays exploring.  And we will miss our very first house, and all the work we put into it to make it our own (and all that we learned from it, that we can put towards our next place).  I can't say that I'll ever miss shoveling the driveway, but I may even be able to look back and say that we'll miss the sledding days and the hot chocolates afterwards.  And it's been great being so near our church's historical sites and temple in Palmyra, and being able to attend the Hill Cumorah Pageant more than once each summer.  This has really been a great place for our family to call home, and although we are ready to move on and get settled down, we'll always look back on our time here and remember this place where our little family started to grow up.  Just to warn you, this is going to be a really long post, but that's just because there are so many special people and places that we're going to miss here.  We'll miss you!

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Dangcutekids said...

It makes me cry to see your sweet family and all these memories and familiar faces. We sure miss you guys. We miss New York so much. What an awesome experience it was to be there. Hope you're doing well now. I enjoyed catching up with you and Michael on your blog posts. Can't wait to see pictures of you guys at the beach. You make us jealous! Love you guys!