02 May 2012

May Flowers

We've been going back and forth about the idea of planting some nice flowers in the yard to brighten it up a bit, but last week it was still so cold out at night that we didn't want to chance it.  But today it was up to 70 degrees, and it's supposed to be nice tomorrow too, so I thought we'd just go for it and cross our fingers that it doesn't freeze again.  So I ended up planting most of them in the two main flower beds in the front yard, and a couple long rows along the back of the deck.  I also put in a few around the light post and around the mail box in front, and a few more around the edges of the house in the back yard.  I think they turned out nice.  They don't show up a lot in the zoomed out photos, but they are nice and bright in real life so that's what counts.

And we're just in time too, since we have our first two appointments tomorrow for people to come see the house.  So cross your fingers for us . . .

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