29 May 2012

Boys' Journal Entries

A couple of weeks ago Kolby was in charge of thinking of a lesson/activity for our weekly family night.  So he decided to teach his brothers about keeping a journal, and then we gave each of the boys a chance to "write" their own journal entry (Kolby has a journal of his own that he wrote in, but for all of the other boys Mommy typed what they said for their journal entries on the computer).  As I got older, I had fun looking back to see what I wrote in my journal when I was little, so I thought I'd include those here for the boys:

7 May 2012

My name is Elijah Carl Bradshaw.  People call me Lijah.  I’m named after my mommy’s Grandpa Carl, and after Elijah from the scriptures.  I am 7 years old.  I play piano, and I’m on lesson book E right now.  And I love the piano.  I love going on hikes because I like to be in the sunshine when it’s warm.  I like to play on my swing set because it has lots of stuff for me to climb on.  And my favorite food is macaroni and cheese with hot dogs.  My favorite things to do are going to school, playing with my toys, going on vacation, doing math, and being with my family.  


My name is Camden James Bradshaw.  I am 5 years old.  My favorite food is macaroni and cheese with hot dogs, and my favorite snack for birthdays is cake and ice cream.  I like to play with my brothers, Kolby, Eli, Isaac, and Courtland.  And I like school.  I go to preschool at Bertha Agor Memorial Nursery School in Fairport, New York.  My teacher is Mrs. Freed.  My favorite part of school is playing in the gym because it has lots of different toys.  I like playing on our swing set outside.  And I like to go on walks with my dog.  My dog’s name is Brax, he’s a yellow lab.  And I like family home evening – I like that we can have a snack. 


My name is Isaac Steven Bradshaw.  I am named after Papa, my grandpa, because his name is Steven.  I am 4 years old.  I love Halloween because it has candy.  I like the Wegmans [the grocery store] with a play place.  I like the toys in the play place.  I like family home evening because it has food in it – because the treat is food.  I like to play with my friends, like Rafaela and my friend Ella in my class at church.  I like my mommy and daddy.  I love Nana and Papa [my grandma and grandpa] and Aaron and Matthew [my uncles] and Grandma Debbie and Grandpa Dick.  I love to wrestle with daddy.  I love food.  My favorites are ice cream and cake.  On Sundays I go to church.  I’m a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints.  And I love playing on the swing set.  And I like writing on papers.


My name is Courtland Matthew Aaron Bradshaw.  I’m named after my uncles, Matthew and Aaron Chidester.  I am 3 years old.  I have 4 big brothers: Kolby, Eli, Camden, and Isaac.  I like cake and ice cream.  I like to play with my brothers at church.  I like to trick-or-treat.  I like to go to bed and naps.  I like to eat Pop Tarts.  I like candy.  I like to play with toys with my brothers.  And I like books.  I like to read books with my stuffed kangaroo. 

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