15 April 2012

More San Diego Pictures

Here are some random photos from our time in San Diego:

Courtland helping stock up on groceries when we arrived in San Diego.

Taking a nap with Elmo (he actually slept like that on the kitchen floor for a couple hours that day).

Matthew and Camden

The boys with the new Lego Harry Potter game Nana got them:

Uncle Matthew decided to carry all 5 boys at once:

Kolby and Camden each decided to play the piano in the primary talent show 
at church while we were there.

Lijah, our little climber.  He climbed the trees and the flagpole outside the church building after institute.

 One Sunday my mom took the boys to church with her so Michael and I could go to church downtown and then go back to Michael's conference where I got to meet the doctors that Michael will be working with at his new job.  Here's a shot that Mom took of Courtland after he was coloring with markers in church.

Camden's lime face (the funny thing is, he kept going back for more).

And some nice pictures that Matthew took with his phone of the San Diego temple (where Michael and I got married).  We got to visit the temple a few different times while we were there.

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