26 April 2012

House Before and After

I wanted to post the "before" and "after" pictures of our house.  The before pictures are all from when we bought the house and when we moved in 3 years ago.



Before: Ugly plants and plastic border around the flower bed

After: stone border, and a few nicer plants

Before: rose bush and fence railings blocking the lawn along the side of the house

After: no more rose bush or unnecessary fence posts

Back yard before: nice, but a little overgrown

Back yard after: no weeds, stained deck

Before: when we had just started to dig up the sod where our garden would go

Garden After:

Deck Before:

Stained Deck After:



Before and After: The entryway from our front door into the house

What a difference a little paint makes!

Family Room Before:

And After:

Before: Blue Dining Room

After: wainscoting and a nice dark red

Before and After: the dining room chandelier (our first electrical project)
Before and After: No More Wallpaper!!!

Before and After Kitchen:

Nook Before:

After: Amazing how much larger the rooms looked without the wallpaper!

Before and After: Downstairs Bath (yes, that wallpaper border is flowers and leopard print)

Before: Lots of mismatched, ugly light fixtures throughout the entire house

After: updated, matching fixtures throughout the house

Garage Before:

Garage "Mud Room" After:

Before: Coat Closet, After: "the Pantry"

Living Room Before: a thin, green, wobbly fireplace mantle, 
yellow walls, and a light fixture that rather resembled a golf ball

After: We were pretty pleased with how our homemade fireplace mantle turned out

Stairs Before and After: painted the walls, the ceiling, and the risers and trim on the steps themselves, and added the hand railing on the wall

 Before: Lots of nails and screws poking out

After: That's Better

Upstairs Bathroom Before and After: New tile, vanity, counter, 
medicine cabinet, fixtures, paint, towels, etc (new everything)

 No more avocado green

 Before: green tile, water damaged drywall

After: We love the new tile, the fixtures, and the alcove in the shower

No more cracks

Linen Closet Before and After:

 The Study, Before and After:

Before: the old brown doors were in pretty hard shape

After: What nice white doors

Blue Bedroom Before and After: A better color of blue, new light fixture, white doors, curtains, and the trim around the windows and doors is now white instead of light blue

 Before: I called this color 'electric blue'

After: that color's a little calmer

Green Bedroom Before and After: 

After: if there was one paint color we used in the house that I would change, 
it would be this green (it's fine, just the shade isn't exactly what I had in mind)

Master Bedroom Before:

After: No more mint green walls!

Master Closet Before and After:

Basement Stairs Before and After: You can't even imagine how long it took to paint every step

Basement Before:

After: Michael and I have vowed never to do a major drywall mudding/sanding job ourselves again 
(It took forever, but no one can argue that it sure was an improvement)

 Basement Storage Room Before:


Laundry Room Before:

Laundry Room After: A little paint goes a long way


Davis and Carter's Mommy said...

You've done an awesome job!

Daisha said...

The house looks amazing. Nice work!!

Becca said...

so I am amazed at all the hardwork you guys put into this house. I was curious as we might be buying a new house soon and wondering if we should buy one we can fix up or go with one at a higher price that is already in good shape, how much time did it take, and how much did it cost to do all the upgrades. Thanks so much.

Also, how hard was it to remove the wallpaper. I have heard that is awful and I see so many houses with wallpaper...do I want to try and remove it:)
You can e-mail me with the responses. Thanks


Tricia said...

I am SO SO SO impressed! I need you all to come visit and give me tips on my old house. We have done lots already, but I cringe when I think about our bathroom needed an overhaul. And the windows...the deck...the landscape......
You really did great!