05 March 2012

Kolby's letter to his class

Dear class,

Thank you for sending me all those valentines! 

Yesterday I played a Risk Transformers board game with my Uncle Matthew and my brothers, Eli and Camden.  Eli and I were on a team and Camden and Matthew were on a team.  Eli and I lost.  It took about an hour to play the game.  And then I played Risk again with Eli and I won.  Last I defeated his captain and won.  I had 21 more guys left at the end of the game. 

Yesterday morning we also went to church. 

Today I went to the store and got a stuffed animal puppy and named it Brownie.  Here is a picture of what he looks like:

When we got home from the store this afternoon Matthew caught an Alligator Lizard.  But it’s a lizard, not an alligator.  Matthew used a shoebox and put it on top of the lizard.  Then Mommy picked it up and we got to pet it.  We learned that whenever you pet a reptile you should pet it from the head down toward the tail, and not the other way around because it wouldn’t feel good for the lizard if you rubbed it against the way that its scales point.  When everybody pet it, it opened it’s mouth wide and tried to bite (but we didn’t put our fingers close enough to it’s mouth).  When we let it go it ran away funny – it looked like it was slithering through the grass like a snake.  This is what they look like:

I’ll be back in about 3 weeks.  I can’t wait to see you!


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