27 February 2012

Kolby's weekly letter to his class

27 February 2012

Dear class,

Last week we went to Mammoth, California.  It is 6 hours away from San Diego.  We drove there.  We stayed at my grandparents’ cabin.  The cabin has a kitchen upstairs.  The bedrooms have names.  I was in the “Moose Room” with my brothers and my mother.  And the other room is called the “Fish Room.”  My uncles, Aaron and Matthew, slept in there.  In the moose room there is a moose head on the wall (it is a big stuffed animal moose head, not a head from a real moose).  There’s a picture of a moose on the wall and there’s a lamp with trees on it. 

The cabin has two fireplaces, one upstairs and one downstairs.  Instead of heat, the cabin is heated by fires.  My brothers and I brought wood inside to the fireplaces. 

While we were there, there wasn’t a lot of snow, but my grandparents said that last year it snowed 65 feet. 

We went skiing a few of the days we were there.  Before we went skiing we rented skis, a helmet, and ski boots.  Then we came back to the cabin and the next day we went skiing with the family.  First we learned how to ski, and after that we went up the lift and skied down the mountain.  Then the lifts closed and we just skied around at the bottom of the hill, and we were some of the last ones there.  

The second day that we went skiing we tried to go up the rope tow, but we couldn’t do it.  So we went on the lift instead.  When we got up there we went down the hill and I learned how to turn left and right, and I tried going on jumps.  Then we went back up the lift and went down again and I was going back and forth and making big turns as I skied down the mountain.  Then I went up the lift for the last time.  I went in the half pipe and I almost went up the side but then I turned and went down.  Then we went on a few jumps, and on one of them I went in the air, and I went backwards and I almost fell down but I didn’t.  Then we skied a little bit more and we were some of the last people there again.  Then we came home and the next day we packed for coming back to San Diego.  I had fun skiing. 

My mom and dad have a blog (a family website).  My mom put some short video clips and pictures of me and my brothers skiing on the blog.  If Mrs. Roncinske says it’s ok, you can see the videos sometime.  They are here: http://bradshaw-family.blogspot.com/2012/02/skiing-mammoth-mountain-february-2012.html  And another silly one is here: http://bradshaw-family.blogspot.com/2012/02/having-fun.html

What did you guys do for your mid-winter break?


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