20 September 2011

Happy Birthday, Camden!

So, my little Camden turned 5 today.  Yes, 5, not 6.  For anyone who happened to notice the birthday invitation that I made for Camden and posted to the blog a few weeks ago, and who happened to think, "Hmm, I thought Camden was turning 5, not 6," you were right.  No, I'm not totally forgetful and I couldn't remember my child's age (it would be kind of hard to forget and think he's 6, since that would mean we have two 6-year-olds right now -- I think I might remember having twins).  No, what happened is that I make the birthday invitations on the computer, and each time I make a new one I just copy and paste the text over from an old invitation and then change the child's name, age, and the date.  Well, this time I happened to copy the text over from Lijah's invitation from last year, and I got the name and date changed, but missed the age.  Oh well.  Unfortunately I didn't catch the mistake until after the invitations were mailed out and a friend called to RSVP and said, "By the way, isn't Camden turning 5?"  Well, at least I got the date right.  (But I did have to correct the error, because I put an invitation in the boys' baby books each year, so now I'll have one with the right age on it for Camden's book). 

Anyway, Camden's birthday was today, and he's looking forward to his little party on Saturday.  Today he had a special breakfast of donut holes, then he got to go to his first official day of preschool (since his day last week was a meet-the-teacher day where I stayed with him the whole time).  They had us celebrate his birthday in preschool this morning, and so Isaac, Courtland, and I went in at snack time and took treats and I read a book to the class.  Camden chose the book, "Put Me In The Zoo."  And yesterday I asked him if he wanted to take cookies as his birthday treat for the kids in his class, and he said no -- that he wanted to take in bananas.  I couldn't argue with that, so we went and got some bunches of bananas.  On our way out of the store Camden saw the big bags of Halloween candy and said he changed his mind, so we compromised and he was glad to take in bananas and some Reeses Pieces candies (banana, peanut butter, and chocolate -- a good combination).  After preschool, we came home and the boys had lunch before we went to the store.  Camden had received some birthday coupons for Toys-R-Us, so he wanted to go there to get something with the birthday money that Grandma Debbie & Grandpa Dick and Grandma Faun sent.  After perusing the entire store, he left with a plastic green dinosaur money bank that makes noises when you put in coins, and two really cool knights and horses that he's been holding the rest of the day.  He got a chance to talk to several of our extended family members on the phone for his birthday.  And he also got to thank Nana for Nana & Papa's gift this year to all the boys for their birthdays of a year-long membership to Kango (a playplace with bounce houses, bikes, a roller skating rink, slides, and tunnels to climb in, which the boys love).  After dinner we had cake and ice cream, and then we opened gifts.  Kolby had wrapped up his little plastic wallet he got from school last year and gave it to Camden.  And Lijah had wrapped up a little coloring book, some coloring pages, and a sticker for Camden.  Pretty cute.  And then Camden opened our gift: a bag of little plastic knights that I got on eBay over the summer.  Then I sent him to the closet to get something, where he found the fun Fisher Price castle (the one that I found at a garage sale a while back, and it's been hiding in our closet for months waiting for today).  He and his brothers were all quite excited for it.  And it'll be even more fun when the rest of the boys have their birthdays and they get some more of the toys from that Fisher Price set -- some jousting knights with horses, and a couple of knights on horse-drawn carriages, and two pirate ships with lots of little pirates.  That should be fun for them to play with all together.  After his brothers went to bed, Camden stayed up for his night up, and he chose to "play" a video game with Daddy (meaning, he watched Daddy play and helped choose what Michael would do in the game).  Then he headed off to bed, with his castle, nights, and dinosaur bank in tow. 

Camden, you sure are growing up.

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