21 August 2011

August Update (2)

Here are pictures of the freezer in the garage after I did my big cooking day at the beginning of the month.  (I think I’m going to take the month of September off of OAMC, just because we need to use more of our main dishes in order to have room in the freezer for the next batch).

One day we were at BJs (a store like Costco), and on our way out I told the boys they could get some of the extra boxes if they wanted to build something out of, because they had behaved really well in the store.  Well, they got really excited about that, and got an extra shopping cart just for empty boxes.  After the younger boys got buckled into their carseats, the older boys handed boxes into the car until I couldn’t even see the kids in the back seats because they were covered in boxes.  Then they came home and used packaging tape to build things.  First Kolby and Lijah built a house, which has surprisingly survived for a few weeks now.  And after our last trip to BJs Lijah built this, and I noticed that he wrote on one side, “Lijah’s Farm.” 

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