29 July 2011

Writing Samples

I was going through some papers, and wanted to share a sample of Kolby's writing from 1st grade. 

This one is from April 2011:

And this one is from June:

And I thought this was pretty cute too.  Lijah sat down one day and copied words from some different signs around the house and from some books -- it's hard to read because there are no spaces between the words, but the majority of it is a story about "Mr. Fixit" from a board book that we have.  He did this back in April.

Oh, and both Lijah and Kolby painted pictures of me in their classes for Mother's Day.  What cute kids!

Oh, and this is cute too:  At the end of the school year they sent home a picture that Kolby had drawn of himself at the begining of first grade, and another picture of himself that he drew at the end of the school year.

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