12 July 2011

Off with the Training Wheels

Two weeks ago we went over to the school parking lot for family home evening, and took off the training wheels.  I thought it'd take a while, and that maybe they wouldn't get the hang of it that evening, but I was wrong.  Kolby's came off first, and I barely had enough time to turn on the video camera before he was already zipping around without Daddy's help.  Lijah was nearly as quick, although he did get rather frustrated when he had some trouble starting the bike again after it was stopped, but he's working on that -- and his riding is great.  Camden, we realized, is not willing to leave behind his training wheels quite yet -- he didn't want Michael to let go.  He was so nervous that his whole body was stiff.  Michael let go a few times and Camden rode just fine, until he realized he was on his own.  So, no big deal, we just put them back on for now.  It was a fun family night for all of us.  And since then I found one of those kids' bikes that attaches to the back of an adult's bike at a garage sale (for $8, woohoo!), and Camden and I went on a nice long ride together the other day, which was way fun.  He was a little nervous about that too at first, but quickly got used to it, and it was nice because it doesn't even feel like I'm pulling another person behind me.  Well, here are the pictures and videos from our first night without the training wheels:

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Jennie Nelson said...

your boys are so dang cute!!! way to go boys:) you are all growing up way to fast!!